Noxious weeds part 2

Thu. Aug. 2, 2018

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Not much compares to Wild Parsnip and Hogweed in terms of, literally, physical pain to gardeners but there are many other Noxious/OBnoxious weeds that wreak havoc on our ecosystems.

Call them Most Wanted Weeds, or least wanted!  These weeds are not only invasive but destructive to our environment including roads, livestock, crops and property.  Some are poisonous; others damage our ecosystem by displacing our native species.  WI Noxious weed list  MN Noxious Weed list

Field Bindweed- MOST WANTED

Landowners who have these weeds are required by law to do what they can to get rid of them.  We can do our part by identifying these weeds on our own property and using the appropriate control methods.  Farmers use crop rotation, tillage and chemical methods.

Canada Thistle

For the backyard gardener, hand pulling is an option along with herbicide applications which can provide some of the best control and Fall is the best time to apply those herbicides.  Perennial weeds are tougher so you may need to hand dig and re-apply chemicals.  ALWAYS check the label for appropriate applications and make sure you’ve identified the weed correctly.

when I moved in… Canada thistle against the fence! 2012

Our lawns are in better shape now that we’ve had some rain but it’s still  important not to overdo it on the chemical use.  Canada thistle, field bindweed (which can send out roots to 15 feet) and purple loosestrife are just a few of the obnoxious noxious perennial weeds to watch for, along with some biennials like garlic mustard and bull thistle.

There’s literally an Eradicate List.  On it you’ll find Oriental Bittersweet, a vine that girdles and strangles trees

Vining over native vegetation

and Grecian Foxglove which was brought over as an ornamental then escaped cultivation.  This poisonous plant is running rampant.

Grecian Foxglove plant photo by MDA