Of poo and perennials

Tue. Mar. 14, 2017

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Warm temps, then tornadoes, then cold temps, then snow!  AND AT 5AM IT WAS 6 DEGREES BELOW ZERO WHERE I LIVE!  Geez, what’s a gardener to do?  Well, most of the snow has melted again and we’re thinking of taking care of those plants left for winter interest like ornamental grasses and perennials.  I will personally wait until it warms up!!  Ack!

Sedum left up for winter interest

Sedum left up for winter interest



Leave 2 to 3 inches of the stems so that bunnies who come by to dine on those fresh greens might think twice if they realize they’ll get poked in the eye with a “relatively” sharp stick!  Now is also a good time to topdress your garden beds with organic matter or composted manure.   Never use raw manure.

A comprehensive guide to nutrient values of varying manures [Purdue University Extension]

Rodale’s Organic Life

Fine Gardening article

Be careful of free stuff!  I made the mistake of getting composted horse manure from a farmer who had scooped up rocks into the mix as well.  I had to dig out what was deposited into my raised garden bed and will be filling it back in with a blend from a more reliable local source.  Live and learn!!  ?

Other options include Creekside Soils mix of Composted Cow Manure and other products including their new Supreme Gardeners Mix.

Creekside compost with manureCreekside composted cow manure


creekside supreme gardeners mix

Remember to be very careful if you’re raking your lawn, those roots are delicate during this time of year and if you’re too rough, you could further damage your lawn.

this rain barrel needs another paint job!

Now’s the time to purchase a rain barrel.  Check with your local Soil and Water conservation district or the county you live as they may offer discounted prices for the barrels.  You can spray paint them for fun!

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