Oh deer!

Fri. Dec. 8, 2017

Click below to listen to my 2 min. Garden Bite radio show:  Oh deer!

Are those beautiful bambis browsing your perennials, trees and shrubs?

Deer in Lakeville

This little darling and his/her friend eventually headed to my Serviceberry and then the hosta and then the clethra and then….


Liquid Fence and Plantskydd get the most kudos for keeping the deer at bay.   Liquid Fence is easy to find but you’ll most likely have to buy Plantskydd online.  The granular form is less odoriferous.

If you believe you have a surefire way to keep the deer from munching, send me an email tkgardenbite@gmail.com and I’ll share it.

deer wanted

Does it work?  Jury’s still out…