Oh deer!

Mon. Dec. 9, 2019

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Oh, those beautiful Bambis.  Have you ever looked a deer in the eyes?  Those big brown beauties seem to apologize for destroying your perennials, your trees, your shrubs?  Oh, such a love/hate relationship with deer.

This darling was headed to my hostas…

Short of hunting in your backyard, what seems to work?  An electric fence comes to mind but that’s rather impractical and expensive.  So are other fencing options. Kinda Ugly too. Some people swear by Irish Spring.  Hanging bits of soap at deer height is ugly too but much cheaper and does work for a while.  Then they get used to it and the feasting begins anew.

grapes and pear trees….

There are 2 products that get the most kudos from gardeners I know.  Liquid Fence and Plantskydd.

I’ve talked about Plantskydd before in terms of stopping the rabbits from their destructive habits. I sprinkle the granular form around my vegetable bed and, even despite some heavy rains, the rabbits stayed away for nearly 3 months! 

Both Plantskydd and Liquid Fence are environmentally safe for you, your pets and your plants. Liquid Fence is easy to find, Plantskydd is a little more difficult to find in stores.  I found one local nursery that sells it but it’s easy to order online. I prefer the granular type. It’s less messy and also less odorous to humans.

These products act as predators to the animals they repel. There is also a product called Repellex, it works very differently. Click on the link to learn more. This is NOT the time of year for this product. 

double trouble