One gardener’s delight is another gardener’s weed

Fri. Mar. 24, 2017

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The Minnesota DNR has a list of invasive flowers that took me a little by surprise.  I know that the varieties listed are invasive but I hadn’t thought of them as needing to be eradicated!  Take the Ox-eye Daisy…

The DNR has compiled a list of Minnesota Wildflowers.  At this website, look to your left and you’ll see “Invasives”.  The common Daylily and the Tiger Lily (not related) are also on the list!

The Ox-eye Daisy, in particular, really gets slammed by the DNR.  It will spread like wildfire.

A couple of non-native plants that are definitely classified as invasives, yet may be appropriate for some places, include the Obedient Plant …

Physostegia aka Obedient Plant

Physostegia aka Obedient Plant

and Monarda aka Bee Balm.   There are breeders who have come up with less invasive varieties of Bee Balm such as ‘Coral Reef’.

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