One gardener’s delight is another’s invasive!

Fri. Mar. 23, 2018

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One gardener’s dream is another gardener’s weed.  Plain old orange daylilies are near the top of the list!  Their Latin name is hemerocallis.  In fact, on the Minnesota Wildflower site for Orange daylilies, in capital letters under status, it reads  Invasive – ERADICATE.

Daylily – common

While Wisconsin isn’t as militant about the Daylily, they’re still considered invasive there too!  A rival vying for the title “ditch lily” in Minnesota, is called Tiger lily or lilium lancifolium .

Tiger Lily

Daylilies and Tiger lilies are all over Minnesota ditches.  Some are grateful, others are not. The Tiger Lily’s flower head hangs down and the leaves are short but the stem is tall and sturdy.  To say they’re easy to grow is an understatement.

A plant that I find pretty but got the stink eye from the MN DNR is the Oxeye Daisy.  This plant also got the ERADICATE status next to it.  It does spread like wildfire.

Ox-eye Daisy

As for both Minnesota and Wisconsin, Baby’s Breath is on the naughty list!  Gypsophila paniculata spreads easily and takes over native plant space.

Baby’s breath

The Obedient Plant is hardly that except for the fact that you can reposition the flowers and they will continue to grow that way.  However, it will NOT stay within boundaries.

Obedient plant aka physostegia