Peaches in Minnesota

Fri. Oct. 8, 2010

Show Date: 8 Oct 10
Really?  Peaches in the frozen tundra?  Yes.  Some people are having luck with the stone fruit although the University of Minnesota Extension says we’re not supposed to be able to grow them well enough to produce fruit. 

‘Reliance’, ‘Harrow Beauty’ and ‘Madison’ are three cultivars that gardeners have said they’re having luck with. 

Peach tree 'Reliance'

The above photo I snagged from Nature Hills Nursery.  I would ALWAYS look locally for a peach tree source but I wanted you to see more information. 

The U of MN extension does recommend Apricot trees!  Two in particular are ‘Sungold’ and ‘Moongold’.  It’s best to plant 2 cultivars for best fruit production. 

Apricot 'Sungold'

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