Peppers! Sweet, hot and everything in between

Thu. May. 25, 2017

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I love bell peppers and hot peppers and everyone in between!  However, I’m always amazed at the price difference in the grocery store between green bell peppers and red ones, those picked green are sometimes not yet ripe (it depends on the variety), the colored ones have reached maturity.

Pepper – Flavorburst 8-16-15 – These were good but not quite as flavorful as I remembered them. 

The green bells make for great stuffed peppers while the fully ripened colorful bells look and taste great in salads or on skewers waiting to be grilled.  Peppers are usually the last to go into the ground.  They require warm soil.  If our weekend isn’t going to be warm, then wait another week.  You folks in Zone 3 should wait a couple more weeks anyway.  Don’t be in a hurry, the peppers prefer to wait it out in the warmth of your home or a local nursery’s greenhouse!

Pepper ‘Cherry Bomb’

‘Cherry Bomb’ has about the same heat as Jalapenos.  They were tasty!  Jalapenos are pretty plants and fantastic producers.  Keep in mind, the SEEDS are hotter than the flesh of any pepper.  Remember that when slicing and dicing!

I’ve grown habanero peppers but they’re just too much for me!  I grew them to make a pepper spray for rabbits.  It took my breath away cutting them up!

habanero pepper

This year I ordered ‘Hot Lemon’ – a smoky flavored little hottie, and 2 sweet bells,  ‘Candy Apple’ and ‘Cabernet’.  I’ve not tried any of them before but my taste buds were piqued!   I’ll pick up another hot one for a container.

Peppers like hot weather but also get thirsty.  Hot, drying winds and dry soil can prevent fruit set, be sure to water them during dry periods.   I’ll keep you posted on my peppers and some new tomato varieties I’m trying too!