Permeable pavers

Thu. May. 4, 2017

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When most of our neighborhoods were built, the idea was to get the water off our paved surfaces as quickly as possible neglecting the fact that the water, and it’s pollutants, must go somewhere.  It travels into our waterways which, in turn, changes our ecological system.

Permeable pavers are a way to let that water, and it’s pollutants, soak into our soil where it can be filtered and cleaned.  Yes, I said, cleaned!  Microbes in soil eat the bacteria that poisons our waterways!

The University of Minnesota Extension has a wonderful article on permeable pavers.

permeable pavers 3


For your perusal: Willowcreek Paving in Oakdale.  I am not endorsing them but want to give you a chance to look at other permeable possibilities! Greenway pavements use only recycled products.

permeable paver driveway

There are many different styles for these pavers and also different materials used including recycled.  Do a search in YOUR area and then ask if you can see examples of homes or businesses where they’ve been used.  If possible, talk to the homeowner or business owner.  The possibilities are endless!!

pavers made with recycled tires

pavers made with recycled tires

Here’s more on pervious pavers from Macalester College


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