Plant sale tips

Fri. Jun. 12, 2020

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Soon, if not already, there are plant sales. Although this year is different with a garden explosion, the choices may not be as prevalent as previous years.

Still, you want to be smart about what you buy. I have some tips for you as you shop…

Maybe I’m a little out of control!  Here are some tips for touring the plant sales:

  • buy healthy stock
  • check the roots, if you can.  Pull the plant, gently, out of it’s container and check for yellowed or mushy roots.  If you see that, put the plant back and tell the nursery.  They don’t want to sell plants that will fail on you
  • look for insect damage as well
  • leaves should be healthy, if you see a few yellowed leaves, don’t worry about it but don’t buy a dying plant
  • make the nursery your last stop of the day.
  • plant your purchases asap.
  • give them extra tlc by digging the hole twice as wide and spreading those roots out.  If the roots are wrapped around itself, loosen them.
  • Water your purchase while in the hole before you start adding more soil
Just a FEW of my purchases!
Petunias in an old watering can