Planting Spring bulbs

Wed. Oct. 9, 2019

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 I remember many years planting Spring bulbs with my fingers so dang cold they felt like frostbite! Oh but the delight of spring blooms is worth it… most of the time!  As I was scrolling for some new tulips, I found a 2018 tulip that I shared with you last year, its called ‘Rainbow Parrot’ from a company called Dutch Grown. Last year it was sold out, it’s not right now! YES, I bought 10 bulbs!!

‘Rainbow Parrot’ by Dutch Grown – As my niece would say, “it’s amazeballs”

A 2019 parrot tulip is called ‘Tulip Amazing’. The huge flowers are a soft cerise-red with a warm-orange edge and inside. The strong stems grow to 16 inches tall. It makes a great cut flower.

“Tulip Amazing” a parrot tulip by Dutch Grown

There are two new Alliums for 2019 Fall planting. ‘Red Mohican’ is one-of-a-kind. A rare and unique allium. Bordeaux red heads which form tufts at the top, tipped with tiny white florets on tall stems. They bloom beautifully in the early summer garden.

Allium ‘Red Mohican’ by Dutch Grown

A beautiful new complement to ‘Red Mohican’ is ‘Silver Spring’. It has white sweet scented flowers with a dark pink center that are part of this amazing ‘flower ball’. The shiny dark purple seed pods are like rubies and make this Allium unique in its kind. “Silver Spring” grows to about 26 inches tall, making it perfect for beds and borders. They can also be grown in large pots or containers.

Allium ‘Silver Spring’ by Dutch Grown

Butterflies and bees love the flowers! Once established, they’ll naturalize easily. Alliums are deer resistant and make excellent cut flowers. They also love full sun, this guy grows to 34 inches!