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Tue. Apr. 12, 2016

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While Maryland is working to take out neonicotinoids from the hands of amateurs, Minnesota is working on creating pollinator friendly communities.  Just recently my own community had a presentation before the City Council.

Not all pollinators are bees!  The picture below is of a White lined hummingbird sphinx moth I caught on my honeysuckle vine.  At first I thought it was a hummingbird because it’s wings flap just as quickly but it has antennae!

hummingbird sphinx moth

It’s not that any of us need permission to plant for pollinators but the resolutions being passed encompass more than planting.  They include committing to avoid using insecticides; avoid planting flowering plants that are treated with systemic insecticides and adopting organic or chemical-free lawn and landscaping practices.

Plants suggestions range widely but a very general description is to include native plants.  Common coneflower and beebalm offer some wonderful choices.  The native Purple Prairie Clover (Prairie Nursery is out of Wisconsin) has a lot to offer.  A bee attractor that also delivers nitrogen back into the soil and has sweet little purple and yellow flowers that bloom in July and August on 1 to 2 foot stalks.

Purple prairie clover
Purple prairie clover

Attracting Pollinators using Native Plants – this is a really great article with a lot of information on the different types of pollinators, what they like and a list of native plants.  (check the hardiness zone)

Echinacea - native purple coneflower
Echinacea – native purple coneflower
Honeysuckle vine -
Honeysuckle vine

More pollinator plant list – this highlights northeast U.S. but these plants are also great in much of the Midwest too, they just might not be “native” to the region.  Check hardiness zone.  The site will also link you to many more resources!  ENJOY!!

Giant hyssop - Agastache
Giant hyssop – Agastache


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