Potbound plants

Wed. Dec. 9, 2015

Click below to listen to my Garden Bite radio show:  Potbound plants

Potbound roots of a tree, courtesy of U of MN Ext.

Professor Gillman, who’s written several books and one I’ve recommended to you in the past, says that SOME trees and shrubs come with nearly 3 inches of soil on top of the uppermost roots.  That’s a problem.  You want to plant your purchase with the uppermost root at the soil level.   When considering a tree or shrub, ask if you can check where the top roots are.  If you decide to purchase the plant anyway, be sure to gently scrape off the top soil so the uppermost roots are exposed.

I’ve linked the article for you, What to do about Potbound Plants.  [if the link doesn’t work, google search the article by Jeff Gillman]     Within the article is also the technique to box cutting.

Box cut

box cut plant after 5 years

Watch the video from Dig In Minnesota with tree expert Leif Knecht of Knecht’s Nursery and Landscaping!



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