Rambling thoughts in a snowfall

Thu. Jan. 5, 2017

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As I write this, the snow is falling and the birds are feeding like crazy at the feeders.


What a beautiful sight.  The snow offering that wonderful protective cover for our plants, the moisture it will provide after the thaw.  Oh even the bunnies are out enjoying the snowfall.  The snowcover I put over the roses seems to be doing it’s job in protecting them from those gnawing bunnies – for now.  This is a respite time for gardeners, the moment in the circle of life where we just ponder the beauty of a winter snowfall.


I lived in Australia when I was a kid and for 2 years had no real seasons.  Just what they called The Wet and The Dry.  While the ocean was wonderful, I love our seasons.

Nhulunbuy, Australia
Nhulunbuy, Australia

Oh yes, it can get so cold that your eyes water and then it freezes on your eyelashes, the spring can be a muddy mess and summer’s can get pretty humid but then there’s the fall!  Ahh, fall!  Harvest time, leaf color changing, warm days, cool nights.  Yes, I suppose fall is my favorite,


although Spring is when we get all excited about what to plant, seeing the new growth, yes, I suppose Spring is my favorite.

spring iris

But summer brings such spectacular flowers and the beginning of garden bounty like green beans and beets, Yes, I suppose summer is my favorite.


And now we’re back to the quiet beauty of a winter snowfall, the cold, invigorating  trek through a snowy trail in the woods.  I suppose all the seasons are my favorites.  Each offering some special time, some special moment in the circle of life.


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