Resurrection Lily

Mon. Aug. 22, 2016

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This lily is a member of the Amaryllis family and also goes by the names Naked Lady, Surprise lily and Magic Lily.  It loves full sun, will tolerate some shade, good drainage and is supposedly only hardy to zone 5.  Well, I live in zone 4 and it’s done quite well.  The flowers are fragrant and a pretty pale pink to purplish.

The Resurrection Lily grows wide grass-like leaves similiar to an iris but the leaves die back and then BOOM, this 2 foot tall stalk grows and bursts with up to 5 blossoms per stalk.  After razing this bed in late 2012 and moving the lily bulbs into a container for the winter, I thought I’d lost them after seeing many of the bulbs turn to mush!!  The terrible winter didn’t help!  I transferred the decent bulbs and in 2013 and hoped for the best.  When nothing showed up in 2014, well, I figured that was the end…  then, with a names like Resurrection Lily, Surprise Lily and Magic Lily….  BOOM

Resurrection lily leaves 4-17-15

Resurrection lily leaves 4-17-15

AGAIN, I did some more renovations and this year, my lily weren’t pleased with me but I did get ONE to bloom!  Much to my surprise…  the foliage really does look OVER when it yellows and turns into the soil but then…   Now if I can just learn to leave well enough alone!  😉


I planted the bulbs 6 inches into the soil.

Lily has no pest issues!  I cannot WAIT to see these flower!  AND spread!  Patience has not always been my strong suit.

Surround this lily with plants that will hide the dying foliage.  I never saw it as mine were planted with Globe Thistle and also, in another spot, with Siberian Iris.  From the picture below you can see that the leaves are gone, the flowers are held by a stem.

If you can find a source for the bulbs locally, try that first, however here are a couple of resources online for cooler climates:

Heritage Flower Farm – Wisconsin

Old House Gardens – Michigan


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