Resurrection lily – the Rising!

Thu. Aug. 20, 2020

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I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating as we all go through this pandemic together. I’m calling today’s episode, Resurrection Lily – the rising! Hey 2020, TAKE THAT! Their latin name is Lycoris squamigera and they have a number of other common names, Magic Lily, Surprise lily, Naked Ladies to name a few

Resurrection lily 2020

I came by this plant in July of 2012 when I moved into my current home. The previous owner told me that I wouldn’t see this flower coming and I didn’t. It has lush foliage early in the season…

…then the whole thing dies back. It looks kinda crappy.

Resurrection lily foliage in July 2019

BUT then, all of a sudden these stalks holding these beautiful flowers rise from what appears to be nothing. And I mean growing a few inches A DAY!

resurrection lily 2020 with hail damage – good news is the bulbs are still there and they WILL come back!

Are these not spectacular!?!

Resurrection lily 2020 photo by Teri Knight

The resurrection lily prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade. The stalk grows to over 2 feet tall and produces about 6 flowers per stalk. The color is a pale pink to almost purplish color.  Look at those blue tips!

Plant bulbs 5-6” deep and 6” apart in fall. Mulch the first winter while the bulbs establish and to prevent heaving. This lily will naturalize by bulb-offsets.

Most of the websites say to give your resurrection lily moderate water during the summer. I never gave this plant a thing and even during one of the hottest summers we’ve had in decades, it’s produced.

If you can find a source for the bulbs locally, try that first, however here are a couple of resources online for cooler climates:

White flower farms sells them, however I noticed they’re sold out this year.

Old House Gardens – Michigan – looks like they’re still available!

There are other cultivars but the “original” are my favorites!