Rhubarb Jam/Rhubarb Spread

Fri. Jan. 1, 2010

Aunt Glee’s Rhubarb Jam


  • 3 Cups Sugar
  • 5 Cups Rhubarb, cut into pieces

Let stand until juicy. Cook until tender, take a whisk and break up the rhubarb pieces
and starts to thicken. Stirring often.

ADD: 1-3oz. pkg Jello and 1 pkg. Kool-Aid (same flavor). Cook and stir until dissolved. Pour into glasses and seal.

Flavors that work good are strawberry, grape, raspberry, cherry. I put mine in freezer containers and freeze.

Aunt Glee’s Rhubarb Spread


  • 3 Cups Sugar
  • 3 Cups Rhubarb, cut into pieces
  • 1 Pint Raspberries or strawberries, fresh or frozon
  • 1 Pkg Red jello

Put sugar over rhubarb and berries. Let stand until juicy. Bring to a boil and simmer 20 minutes or until thick. Add jello and stir until dissolved. Pour into containers and seal or freeze.

I did not cook mine that long. When the rhubarb was tender I used the whisk and that makes it thicker. Guess it is a guessing game.

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