Right plant, Right place

Wed. Aug. 3, 2016

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This is the easiest way to teach you how to successfully garden!  The Master Gardener Mantra.  Say it with me now

“Right Plant, Right Place”

It’s all about climate, conditions, soil and other cultural requirements of the plants.  Take a look at the photo below and see the vast difference in sun/shade conditions and what it did to these hosta.

Hosta comparison                                                                             Hosta comparison

These were the exact same size and the exact same type of Hostas planted at the same time.  The plants on the right were sheltered from the afternoon sun by the garage while the ones on the left were sunburned, and obviously unhappy, just a few feet away.

Hosta and Heuchera                                                                   Hosta and Heuchera

As you can see I changed out the hostas on the left and planted heucheras, much more suitable for that location.  I moved the hostas to another shadier spot and they thrived.

There are many reasons for plant decline, sometimes their life cycle is just over, but more often than not, it’s that they’re planted in the wrong spot.  Could be wrong soil conditions, too cold, too hot or, as you saw dramatically, sun/shade variations.  Be sure to understand your site and the plants you’d like to place there.  Will they work together?

There are Master Gardeners all over the country.  If you have a plant that isn’t thriving, ask them!  Or ask me!!  teri@gardenbite.com

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