Sales – stretching the garden season

Tue. Oct. 24, 2017

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Oh glory be, the sales continue at local nurseries and they are tremendous!  If you have the chance, take advantage.  Just remember that you will need to take special care of those newly planted beauties and get them in the ground ASAP.

We’re, technically, stretching this season as our temperatures have mostly remained above average.  But I wouldn’t test the gods of nature too much longer!  In fact, looks like by the end of the week, many of us will experience hard frosts.

That doesn’t mean that the ground is frozen, but it does mean less time for those perennials to establish themselves.  Again, extra care is necessary.  Ground freeze can be early December for zone 4, move it forward a couple of weeks for each warmer zone.

Be sure to look over any plants before you purchase.  Check over the root system, if those roots are twisted around themselves, they must be brutally pruned or you’re just throwing your money away because that plant will have an early death.  Since it is late in the season, it’s very likely those plants roots are starting to girdle inside their container.  Seriously, you can purchase them, and this is a change from the past, just really prune them.  Make sure those roots are not twisted when you plant.

Wicked twisted roots require brutal pruning

If necessary, moisten the area you plan to plant in!  Check out this Garden Bite on planting trees.   Loosen the soil, dig your hole, mix in compost, place your plant and water well.  Do not plant too deep.

Then add a couple of inches of mulch and keep watered until the ground freezes.   After the ground has frozen, add another 4 or so inches of mulch.  Please DONUT, not volcano….  that means …

Volcano – BAD

Note:  Even Gigi knows better.  She’s walking away shaking her head!