Sedum aka Uncle Charlie plant

Wed. Sep. 5, 2018

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My sister and I called Sedum, “Uncle Charlie plant” for years.  Years ago, and I’m talking DECADES ago, he gave my mom a few slices of his ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum, who gave my sister some, who gave me some and to this day, some of them still survive in other peoples landscapes.  Remnants of “Uncle Charlie Plant” are scattered from northern Illinois to northern Minnesota!

Painted Ladies butterflies ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum 9-17

When I moved into my home in 2012, I had one large plant at my back door.  After dividing it…. and dividing it…. and dividing it, I have more, my neighbors have more and some, I’ve put in the compost pile.  That said, if you want a plant that gives you literally no trouble and the Painted Lady butterflies LOVE, then choose ‘Autumn Joy’!

The flowers are an unobtrusive shade of pink from the end of summer into Fall, pleasant succulent leaves and gives some winter interest, with it’s dried flower heads.   I’ve spray painted them to use in my outdoor Christmas planters.

spray painted sedum and stems that had little creatures inside (those bumps) along with some of my grasses

Other sedums are spread throughout my landscape as you saw yesterday.  The pic below was several years ago, that plant lasted outside in that tub for years!

Sedum ‘Red Dragon’

A fairly recent improvement on ‘Autumn Joy’ is called ‘Mr. Goodbud’.  Rich pink flowers sit on purplish stems. The blooms average about 5 to 6 inches in diameter.  The foliage is a deep blue green and serrated.  The thick stems resist flopping.  ‘Mr. Goodbud’s mature height is about 16 inches.

Mr. Goodbud

Proven Winners has created the Sedum Rock ‘n Grow series.  Their 2018 introduction is ‘Pop Star’.   This little fella grows to just 10 inches tall an has blue/green foliage with salmon pink flowers.  Sedums are also known as stonecrop and as I said there’s a vast array of cultivars in this family.

Sedum ‘Popstar’ by Proven Winners