Shopping day!

Fri. Nov. 29, 2019

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Yesterday we packed our bellies, today we’re packing shopping bags, hopefully reusable bags!  Fueled up, we’re ready for the challenge of the hunt for the perfect gift at the perfect price.  Wahoo, let the season begin!

What do you get the gardener?  What do you, the gardener, ask for?  Oh the list is endless but here are some of my favorite things!

One of my favorite tools in the garden beside really good gloves is a garden fork.  Shovels are great for digging holes but the garden fork allows you to dig up plants, shrubs and trees with minimal damage to the roots.

Garden Fork – a must for digging up plants with as little injury as possible (although I’ve stabbed a few canna bulbs in my time)    Garret Wade sells the one below

This one even has an optional foot pad

Garden forks are easier and kinder on your back!

I just found something really cool! It’s a universal mobile phone microscope! You gotta check out this gadget that clips to your phone to get a closeup view of critters and/or disease or just an amazing snapshot!

An item that would really be great for small space/patio gardening is the Keter Easy Grow 31 Gallon Raised Garden Bed with Self Watering Planter Box.

This could be used indoors too

Another item I really like is my small portable greenhouse.

Seed starting 2018 in greenhouse

I don’t have the place in my home to start plants but I do have a good size porch where I can get things started a little earlier for our Upper Midwest garden! Prices range all over the place, but be sure to look for quality! The consumerguidebestportablegreenhousereviews

Another gift possibility… a subscription to Northern Gardener magazine. It’s my favorite magazine!