Soil – the Foundation of Life

Wed. Apr. 10, 2019

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I know, I know, I’m talking about soil again!  I do, because it IS the foundation of life!  From dust to dust!

Soil  holds the keys to a plant’s ability to take up nutrients, water and oxygen.  Soil also acts as a filter for rainwater, cleaning it as it makes it’s way into our aquifers.   If you prepare your garden beds, you give your plants the best chance to, not only survive, but thrive.

Soil is simply amazing when you learn more about it.  I love how wonderful it smells as I first start planting my Spring garden and how it feels in my hands as I dig.

Rudimentary map of MN soils

Wisconsin soil information from the USDA

A rudimentary test for discovering if you have sandy, clay or loam soil is to take a fistful, wet it and if it ribbons up, it’s more clay, if it falls apart, it’s more sand and if it crumbles nicely, it’s more likely loam.  Of course a soil test will verify this information. 

Adding compost at any time is always a good idea, this fluffs the soil which allows for plants roots an easier time growing.  Think about how tough compacted soil is to break up, that’s what the roots of plants have to grow through.

finished compost ready for garden bed