Spring bulbs are for Fall planting

Mon. Sep. 28, 2020

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If you want spring to midseason bulbs to plant this Fall, you best get to finding some! With 2020 being a wildly enthusiastic year for gardens and landscape designing, some local nurseries and online sites that sell exclusive bulbs are flashing Out of Stock signs already.

2020 Parrot tulip ‘Jan van Nes’ from Brecks

Normally I would talk about this in October, well, I guess it darn near is! But generally speaking that’s when we put those little bulbs in before our fingers freeze.

But with so many folks taking advantage of an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, you may want to start looking now. There’s a new 2020 daffodil called ‘White Petticoat’. Stark white, cone-shaped flower cups sit on top of grass-like foliage. The flowers start out creamy yellow and then turn stunning white. Growing to 10 inches it slips in nicely anywhere.

Daffodil mini ‘white petticoat’ from Dutchgrown

Something to bring some sunshine to your landscape is a new daylily called ‘Sunburst Splashes’ reblooming, yes a rebloomer for a Fall burst! 

Daylily ‘Sunburst Splashes’ from Brecks

Many of you have seen my ‘Rainbow’ parrot tulips I planted last year. They were stunning! 

Rainbow parrot tulips 2020 by Teri Knight

Today I introduce you to the Black Parrot tulip. Parrot tulips sport wavy, heavily frilled blooms. This black one is superb with the exterior of the petals a deep purple turning blackish purple inside. There are highlights of yellow and green and orange. It is a late Spring bloomer about 12 inches tall.

Parrot tulip ‘black’ by Brecks

There’s a new tulip called ‘Bulls Eye’ that looks like Christmas on a stick. It’s red petals are surrounded with lime green petals. It’s another late Spring bloomer.

Tulip ‘Bulls Eye’ by Brecks

Tomorrow I’ll give you information on how to plant them.