State Fairs – festivals of food on a stick and Ag and Hort, oh my!

Thu. Aug. 22, 2019

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With the MN state fair starting today, I thought I’d better mention all the awesome state fairs and their new Food offerings! I missed Iowa and Wisconsin Fairs but I hope you had a chance to enjoy! 

Wisconsin’s was HOT! Blazin’ Jalapeno Deep Fried Olives. Queen green olives stuffed with fresh jalapenos and cream cheese nestled in a seasoned crunchy batter, served on-a-stick with ranch for dipping and siracha for dipping!

Blazin’ Queen Olives

In Iowa it was their Berkshire Bacon Balls: 1/4 lb. Berkshire pork meatball, stuffed with cheese and bacon, wrapped with 2 pieces of bacon, smoked and dipped in BBQ sauce, served on a stick.

photo snagged from STAR 102.5… couldn’t find it anywhere else!

Oh, Minnesota how you’ve disappointed me. At least in the “on a stick” category!  The new food on a stick this year is Kora’s cookie dough. Deep fried cookie dough on a stick offered in five flavors.

Kora’s cookie dough on a stick

I love cookie dough but, seriously, bacon wrapped pork meatball stuffed with cheese and more bacon!!! Iowa wins this one!

What has this got to do with Garden Bite… give me a minute, I’m trying to think! 

Oh yeah, food! We are deep in celebrating our corn harvests and a friend of mine just brought me her Yukon gold potatoes. OH my, there’s really nothing like fresh food.

I took a poll on my Garden Bite facebook page and it would appear the “typewriter” way of eating ears is the most preferred!

We are so lucky to live in farm country and to have so many more smaller farms now, offering foods fresh, delicious food, that’s good for us too! Of course we have to take time to enjoy those foods we wouldn’t make for ourselves! That’s why the State Fairs are fun. And of course, cruising Machinery Hill, the Ag buildings and, of course, checking out all the animals. What’s YOUR favorite fair food? Share with me on GardenBite facebook page! And how do YOU eat your corn-on-the-cob?