Storing chemicals for winter

Fri. Nov. 2, 2018

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While there’s a big movement against the use of chemicals for our landscapes (gardens, etc.), there are still plenty of folks who use them.    Proper storage also INCLUDES your organic products.

Nope, not organic

If you’ve got chemicals in dispensers, it’s best to use them up according to directions, then rinse out your sprayers and allow them to drip dry.

Be sure you know what’s in your containers.  Don’t mix chemicals, even if they’re the same thing, if they are in different containers, leave them IN those containers.  There may be different ingredients in them.

If their labels have started to come off, make sure you know what’s in them.  Use a sharpie and write it on the container.

By the way, it’s actually illegal to transfer those chemicals into anything else….  If you can’t remember what the chemical was, then dispose of it properly.

Check with your local city or county officials or your garbage hauler for proper disposal.

Find an area away from heat, freezing temps and sunlight.  Preferably up off the floor of your garage (away from kids and pets).  Liquids should not freeze, granulars should not get wet.

Chemical storage

Certainly the above would be ideal if possible.  Otherwise, just making sure they’re above the reach of curious kids and pets!

Well, it’s up off the floor…