Summer blooming bulbs

Tue. May. 12, 2020

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Gladiolas, dahlias, cannas.  These are bulbs we in cold climates can plant now for summer bloom!

Dahlia ‘Nick Senior’ by Easy to Grow Bulbs

Alliums, oriental lilies, begonias and bulbs I can’t pronounce are also on that list. I made an impulse purchase last year and bought some pretty gladioli called ‘Vista’, a pretty purple and white glad with a red center.

My big box store buy!

They bloomed from July to September! Glads need to be dug up after the first hard frost in the Fall when the plants are done! Cannas are the same way. But they’re so lovely. Their large tropical leaves really make a statement against a fence or standing sentry in sunny areas. The one caution is that, very quickly, you’ll have way more of canna rhizomes than you need!! I’m lumping them into the bulb category.


Begonias are outstanding for the shaded areas of your landscape. Here’s a link on how to plant begonia tubers . There’s a little technique to it. Personally I buy them at the local nursery for my hanging baskets and leave at that.

 Oh, so many choices it’s ridiculous.  A new one for 2020 is called ‘Unicorn Dreams’! For some reason it sounded appropriate for this weird year!

Dahlia ‘Unicorn Dreams’

Expect 5 inch lavender blooms on a 4.5 foot plant. Dahlias bloom from July into October in some areas, they are not winter hardy.