Summerific hibiscus

Wed. Aug. 5, 2020

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Ahhh, Summer. Road construction, dust and flowers abloom! Today I introduce you to the Summerfic line of Hibiscus from Proven Winners! There’s a new one for 2020 and THREE more coming in 2021! Oh, yes, pictures are on gardenbite dot com! ‘Candy Crush’ has 8 inch bubblegum pink blooms with a deep red, nearly black, center.

Hibiscus Summerific ‘Candy Crush’

It grows to 4 to 4 ½ ft. tall and is attractive to bees and butterflies. The foliage is bright green. This baby blooms from mid to late Summer and tolerates just about any type of soil. For best bloom, plant in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Forewarning, they leaf out late in spring but grows very quickly.

Next year you’ll find ‘Spinderella’, a perfect name for this beauty with 8 inch white flowers spun with pink and a deep red center.

Hibiscus Summerific ‘Spinderella’

The foliage is dark green on Spinderella with a plant height nearing 5 ft. Easy care with all the other features of Candy Crush.

Another stunner, ‘Evening Rose’, available next year, has again, huge 8”, puckered hot pink flowers that cover the round, dense habit of near black foliage. This is a serious accent plant growing to 5 ft. tall.

Hibiscus Summerific ‘Evening Rose’

If pink’s not your jam, then ‘French Vanilla’. It has 7-8″, creamy custard yellow, ruffled flowers. Flowers are more yellow in cooler conditions, whiter in hotter conditions. Deep green leaves form a compact habit. This darling grows to about 4 ft. tall.

Hibiscus Summerific ‘French Vanilla’ budding out
Hibiscus Summerific ‘French Vanilla’ blooming

All of these are on my website with more information. Honestly they are gorgeous. I will warn you, if you have Japanese Beetles. See my info from Monday! August 3, 2020