Thu. Dec. 6, 2018

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Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword anymore.  It’s a necessity with multiple applications. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged”.  

Not all that long ago, many people seemed to think that our resources were endless and we could do what we wanted with the land and what was in it, be that plant or animal. Turns out, that’s not true!  

The good news is that more and more people and businesses are focusing on changing how we live so that future generations have a chance to enjoy the wonders of planet Earth!  Check out this site for a lot more ways to Greener Living

My friend Kathy Ness and a bunch of volunteers donate cloth and their time to create sewing kits and also these bags which are FREE Boomerang Bags are all over the world now!

Hydroponics are really taking off.  Hydroponics, or growing plants in a nutrient solution root medium, is a growing area of commercial food production and also is used for home food production by hobbyists.

hydroponic growing

Farmers, environmentalists (it’s really not a dirty word) and sportsman are collaborating on ways to improve sustainable practices that are practical and probable. There’s massive movement on innovative ideas.

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable hunting

From cars to cleaning products, companies are looking at ways to reduce their waste and make them consumer friendly.

12 Natural and Eco-friendly cleaning products

Best hybrid and electric cars

What has all this got to do with you and I and Garden Bite? Well, sharing information is never a bad thing. If one person decides to start a kitchen compost pile, they just took a sustainability step.  If one person planted a vegetable garden because I helped take some of their trepidation away, then there’s another step… and so on. While some big changes are needed, those small changes or small steps, add up!