That cold snap!

Mon. Sep. 14, 2020

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Yowza, it was cold last week! With temperatures dropping to the point of freeze warnings for those tender plants, it certainly felt more like October. I hope you didn’t lose any tender tomatoes or peppers. I picked plenty and started dehydrating them, adding to my storage for Winter!

dehydrating red grape tomatoes 2020

 If you did lose some of your produce, don’t forget those local farmers markets. I have two very close to me and will be headed there this week to find more tomatoes for roasting and also see if I can find more zucchini. There are a couple of recipes I want to try!

With wacky weather we’re getting, it’s really a good idea to have a cover on standby. It doesn’t take much. You don’t need a snowmobile suit for your plants, a floating row cover will generally do the trick.

floating row cover sans the hoops

Lightly water your plants before covering them in late afternoon or early evening. Try to remove the covers by mid-morning.

The good news is, the first Fall frost is often followed by a prolonged frost free period! There are some annuals more susceptible to cold temperatures, bundle up your begonias or say bye-bye. That also includes many herbs.

While my tarragon is good to go, the sage, lavender and stevia need to be covered in temps less than 40 degrees, just to be safe.

I clipped some before I covered the herbs so I could dry them! While it doesn’t look like much, they pack a powerful punch when compared to store bought. The stevia is something I’ve never had before. HOLY COW is it sweet!!!!

tarragon and stevia
purple sage drying
lavender drying