The art of Wabi Sabi in the garden

Wed. Dec. 20, 2017

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What’s Wabi-Sabi?  Well…, I just found out, it’s the art of imperfect beauty.  And it’s a 2018 trend to carry into the garden!  I think I’ve already done that…

Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese practice that appreciates the imperfections in life and the ability to age gracefully.  Wabi Sabi gardens imitate nature in a way that allows you to relax and appreciate their humble, imperfect forms!  I can dig that!

Butterfly garden 8-13-17

So how do we connect the dots, how about planting for yourself AND for pollinators.  Plants that aren’t always associated with beauty.  Perhaps leaving some of those dandelions.  Bees love them and they provide an early food source in the Spring.  (I’m not suggesting you let your entire lawn go to dandelions…  neighbors tend not to like that much!)

Plant self-seeders, also known as, invasives such as Obedient Plant and Monarda, that will provide a social network for pollinators as they spread through the garden over the years.

Don’t deadhead ALL your flowers, allow plants to display their seed pods during the Fall and Winter.

coneflower seedhead

Another trend for 2018 is what the “experts” are calling Breathing Room.  That’s really creating a space for privacy which can be a place to turn off the noise of being digitally connected 24/7.  I have a saying, “the Garden is no place to stress for success, but to soak up some sun and renew your spirit”.


I think a “Breathing Room” is just that, for your outdoors AND indoors.  Especially as we are mostly indoors this time of year.   It’s reported that 52% of us use houseplants to clean our indoor air.  A new study for the University of New York reaffirms that houseplants clean our air AND support our mental well-being.

I talked about some of these plants last week but they include the zeezee plant, dracaena (of which there are many varieties), philodendrons and diffenbachia!


In the meantime, I’m celebrating Wabi Sabi and all my imperfections!  Find Garden Bite on Facebook and send me your comments, questions and suggestions.  Email me at