The Dandelion Divide

Thu. May. 3, 2018

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GBTK 5-3-18

Dandelions have appeared amid the warm temperatures we’ve “finally” had.  My husband and I battle every year, I call it the Dandelion Divide, over the use of chemicals.  Rather than battle, why not just eat them? This will age me but do you remember Euell Gibbons?  A proponent of eating wild foods, his line was “all parts are edible”, that would be true for the dandelion.  

From the roots to the flowers, from culinary to medicinal, all parts are edible!  From soup to egg salad to coffee and wine.– wine.  Dandelion cookies

Remember to NEVER eat anything that’s been treated with a pesticide/herbicide…  pick only clean greens.  One of my favorite magazines has an article about dandelions along with some recipes:  Mother Earth News.

Fun fact – Dandelion means “Lions Tooth”!  You can actually order organic dandelions to plant…  here’s the link to .

White dandelion from