The message of roses and more

Thu. Feb. 13, 2020

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While there are plenty of gorgeous flowers, most choose to give their Sweetheart roses  for Valentine’s Day.  There are messages in the COLOR you choose!

Rose ‘Kashmir’ an Easy elegance shrub by Bailey Nurseries photo by Teri Knight

Red is the most popular color and means “I love you”.  Simple and sweet. But the other colors… well, let’s check them out!

  • Coral represents desire
  • Lavender means enchantment.  This is a good choice for a newer relationship or love at first sight!
  • Pink stands for perfect happiness
  • Orange can mean fascination or new beginnings
  • Yellow has a couple of meanings too.  It could stand for decreased love and jealousy or joy.  Make sure she knows which one you mean!
  • White roses mean innocence and purity OR you are heavenly and I’m worthy of you.  Hmmm, not sure about that part.
  • Exotic Green represents fertility!
Rose ‘Music Box’ from Bailey Nurseries photo by Teri Knight

If you want to make a lasting impression, then choose a Phalaenopsis, not the most romantic moniker but it’s more common name is Orchid.  Orchids offer exotic, delicate, long-lasting beauty.  To the ancient Greeks, orchids were a sign of virility and luxury.

Say it with roses, say it with Orchids, say it with Carnations, it doesn’t really matter just so long as you say it! Of course adding chocolates is never a bad thing… be it the sweet treat or say a chocolate geranium!

Geranium – chocolate scented

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