The unwanted houseguest – Mice

Tue. Nov. 21, 2017

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From bats to mice, every creature wants a warm place to hang out and your home is a haven.  It’s the time of year when you may hear the pitter patter of small creatures about your house.  I don’t mean the kids!

Oh sure, he looks cute but the destruction and, egad!, waste left behind by these little creatures is NOT something you want in your home.  Some facts about mice:

  • as cold seeps in, so do mice
  • gestation period is just 19 days
  • they can have 6 or more babies per litter
  • they can have 13 litters a year
  • that’s a minimum of 78 mice
  • where you find one, there are more
  • they will eat whatever you have on hand and use glue, paper, soap, anything to make nests
  • they can jump, swim and run up to 8 mph

The best way to catch them is with a snap trap using peanut butter, just make sure you don’t have curious pets or children that could have access to the traps!!  There are a myriad of mousetraps.  Here’s some information from VictorPest.

If you do, you can use a live trap – for those, sunflower seeds are the best bait.  Just remember, you’re going to have to dispose of them once caught!  I’m one of those who can “dispatch” them.  I don’t like to but releasing them will just mean they’ll get back in or go to your neighbors…

There’s always getting a cat!

Dino V

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