Tomato shopping at 4 below

Thu. Jan. 11, 2018

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As I write this, the air temperature if 4 below zero, windchill…. I’m not even going there!  What better way to warm up than to look through my plant catalogs and choose next year’s tomato plants.  I found some new ones I want to try.  At least they’re new to me!

‘Tasti-lee’ is a lovely uniform 3 ½ inch tomato with the triple crown of great flavor, heightened nutrition and extended shelf life!  Territorial Seed company adds “these magnificent tomatoes are full of satisfying balanced flavor”.  YUM.  They’re also disease resistant.

Tomato ‘Tasti lee’

I love dried tomatoes.  I freeze them and toss them into my winter salads.  In comes ‘Matthew’.  This flavorful dynamo is a small plum-shaped fruit with tons of culinary possibilities from fresh eating to saucing to drying.  The flesh is thickwalled and firm , tangy and delicious.

Tomato ‘Matthew’
Tomato ‘Matthew’ dried

This next one hales from the Ukraine!  ‘Cosmonaut volkov’ has a rich, deep, balanced sweet and tangy flavor.  It’s a deep orange to red fruit with green shoulders.  Territorial says “a taste sensation that only an heirloom can offer!  This is a grafted tomato.  Grafted vegetables are created when the top part of one plant (the scion) is attached to the root system of a separate plant (the rootstock). The rootstock contributes vigor and disease resistance while the scion is chosen for fruit flavor and quality. Grafting has been used in agriculture for centuries to improve plant health and yield.

Tomato ‘Cosmonaut Volkov’

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