Tree and shrub choices in the Upper Midwest

Fri. Jun. 23, 2017

Click below to listen to my Garden Bite radio show;  Tree and shrub choices for the upper Midwest

I had the opportunity to interview Don Engebretson, the Renegade Gardener about one of his books “Tree and Shrub Gardening in Minnesota and Wisconsin”.  You’ll understand why he’s the “renegade” after listening to the interview!  I’ve attached the podcast of our chat at the bottom of this page.

This book is co-authored by Don Williamson and is not only filled with 850 trees, shrubs and vines to envision in your landscape but it’s also a wonderful tool to guide you in your planting and pruning.  There’s also a section on Pests and Problems.

There are many varieties that were never on my radar.  Now they are!  The Fringe tree or Chionanthus…

Fringe Tree aka chionanthus

I love the multi-stems on this tree and the “Santa beard” flowers.

‘Santa’s beard’ flowers

The “Dons” have written 3 books in this style.  Of course, this one on Trees and Shrubs and also Perennials and Annuals.

Always look to buy books locally first, same as plants!  Did I mention there are great photographs in the book as well.  Oh and a section on problems and pests too.  The book vets about 850 different plants from American Bittersweet to Yews.  What you won’t find are edible fruit trees.  These are all ornamentals but boy, howdy, are they ornamental!  Of course there’s always a slight exception – one of the shrubs listed produces nuts.  The Hazelnut also known as Filbert is native and features tasty nuts, if you’re patient and plant male and female varieties.  The unique twisted branches of the corkscrew hazelnut adds amazing winter interest.

My interview with The Renegade Gardener, Don Engebretson for “15 with the Author”