Vegetable garden cost comparison

Fri. Feb. 2, 2018

Click below to listen to my 2 min. Garden Bite radio show:  Vegetable garden cost comparison

Someone asked me if you really save money planting your own vegetable garden.  That depends.  Things to consider:

  • how much effort will you put into creating your garden
  • how much you spend on seeds and/or plants
  • are you buying soil?  amendments?  fertilizer?
  • your time spent watering, weeding and harvesting
  • will you be building a raised bed
  • do you need to buy equipment

Your first garden will always cost more but as I noted in my radio show, the upfront cost, especially if building a raised bed, will be worth the money because your crop yield will be higher.

And then there’s the benefit of being outside in the sun, working with nature, eating fresh, organically grown veggies!  PRICELESS

Raised bed brick

“The garden is no place to stress for success but to soak up some sun and renew your spirit”  Teri Knight

A recent happiness study gave big kudos to “communing with nature”, having a hobby, involving the community and eating well.

Daylily 'Big Smile' - Wayside Gardens
Daylily ‘Big Smile’ – Wayside Gardens






So, is it more expensive to grow your own, I guess you’ll have to answer that for yourself.  For me, no, it’s all worth it.

Vegetable garden LakevilleThe squash were out of control! In fact, everything was!!!  Can you say overplanting?  HA!  This was taken in 2005… can’t believe it’s been nearly 13 years.