Warm temps, garden chores and some super 2020 annuals

Mon. Nov. 9, 2020

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Wow, a whole week of great temperatures! I hope you were able to wrap up those last garden chores. The leaves raked or mowed, the vegetable garden put to bed, the on-sale perennials you bought are in the ground and you’ve emptied your rain barrel! I was able to get that all done, oh and the tools put away too! Wahoo! With those hoses put away, the last of a full rain barrel was used and I was even able to store some up in milk jugs for my indoor plants.

As I was perusing my recent Northern Gardener magazine, I came across an article from one of the Horticulturist contributors who analyzed the new 2020 annuals over the summer. I want to share some of her suggestions. Laura Schwartz is able to talk with others in the garden design industry and they added their thoughts. A canna that really caught my attention is from the Canna Cannova series called ‘Bronze Orange’.

Canna Cannova ‘Bronze Orange’

Showy bronze-orange blooms top deep bronze-colored tropical foliage. That plant grows to about 4 ft tall forming clumps 14 to 20 inches wide. These cannas would be lovely as a backdrop in the landscape or as a showpiece on a patio or pool deck. In the ground or in containers, it’s a stunner.

She gave a lot of kudos to SunPatiens. Read their story and also find them at Proven Winners. These are sun tolerant impatiens that continue to bloom without having to deadhead them. Bonus! They will bloom in part shade as well as sun and are heat tolerant.

Schwartz’s favorite colors include ‘Pink Candy’

SunPatiens ‘Pink Candy’

and ‘Royal Magenta’

These are from Proven Winners and grow 16 to 20 inches tall and about 2 feet wide! From white to red to orange and one with variegated foliage, there’s plenty to choose from.