Warmed soil and planting

Tue. Apr. 26, 2016

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The soil temperature has been warming up quickly with the recent above average temperatures.  Folks are very anxious to get planting.  Cool season crops are a go right now.  You can sow seeds of peas, beets, greens and radishes…

Garden radishes offer far more flavor and many varieties…

For instance, black radishes have a horseradish (hot) flavor if eaten fresh but when cooked mellows to a nutty sweetness.  ps these are not small…

Radish - Black Spanish courtesy of Rareseeds

Radish – Black Spanish courtesy of Rareseeds

Baker Creek Heirloom seeds – Rareseeds – they carry a wide selection of unusual radishes

Daikons are long white Japanese radishes that are wonderful in stir fry.

Radish - Japanese Daikon

Radish – Japanese Daikon

Another source for rare radishes High Mowing organic seeds

Green meat radish Fedco seeds

Burpee is another source for rarer radish seeds.  The Watermelon radish aka red meat radish come from China and is sweeter than most radishes.

Radish - Chinese Watermelon courtesy of Burpee

Radish – Chinese Watermelon courtesy of Burpee

And as for the Lime Radish I mentioned….  tough one to find seeds for!  In fact, all I could fine were places to buy the radishes as produce.  Specialty Produce

Radishes are very easy to grow and like cool weather.  Plant in early Spring and again in late Summer.


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