Water saving tips

Thu. Jul. 20, 2017

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Over watering is one of the most destructive things we do to our plants.  If they go limp, we automatically reach for the hose.  Many times, that’s a mistake.   PLEASE NOTE:  we don’t “normally” endure days of 90 degree temps without moisture, however, things (climate) is changing and we’re experiencing hotter summers with spots of heavy rains.  Plants as a general rule, need an inch of water a week.  Supplement if you have to.

MOST plants don’t like sitting in water, unless they’re water plants!  Think about you sitting in a bathtub, you get wrinkly!  The roots of our plants don’t like it either.

  • Water early in the morning.  Less chance of evaporation, so your plants get what you gave them.  This also allows leaves to dry throughout the day avoiding mold and mildew problem.
  • If you have a soaker hose, good for you.
  • Rule of thumb for plants in the ground is an inch of water a week
  • Planted in containers, your plants need to be watered at least once a day in this heat, twice a day if they’re in porous pots like terra cotta.
  • If you have clay soil, water less often as clay soil doesn’t drain as well.
  • On the other hand, sandy soil drains too quickly so water more.
  • Wind also dries out container plantings quicker