Where in the www to find reliable plant information!

Fri. Jan. 8, 2016

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I’ve been talking this week about planning and plotting my vegetable garden and landscape as it now rests under a lovely layer of snow.

snow 2016

My mouth waters as I read the descriptions of delectable edibles in my plant catalogs.  However, those companies are trying to sell their products to people in all climate zones, so it’s a good idea to keep in mind YOUR climate because what works in my zone might not in yours.  Weather plays a major role in the health of our flora.   It’s a good time to research those plants you’re panting after.

snow 2016 perennial

Ahhh, but where in the worldwideweb can you find reliable information besides Garden Bite?

There are some sites that offer good solid information.  One of those is the Missouri Botanical Garden website.  The garden was founded in 1859 and is the nation’s oldest botanical garden in continuous operation and a National Historic Landmark. Their website is nearly as wonderful as their gardens around St. Louis.  From the main site, which I’ve linked you to, click on Gardens & Gardening, then scroll over to Your Garden and click on Plant Finder.

(or click on the link above!)

Cycad growing at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Cycad growing at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Their website is nearly as wonderful as their gardens around St. Louis.  Plant Finder details complete care and growing information on over 6800 plants.  If you know the scientific name of the plant you’re interested in, you can get right to it.  I searched for prunus persica, the scientific name for Peach tree (which we talked about yesterday) and it listed 6 types.

plant finder

There is an advanced search where you can choose specifics of the type of plant you’re looking for including climate zone, flower color, height, width, ornamental or edible and much much more.  Hit search and the site will offer you choices based on your criteria.  The information for each plant lists all the basics plus noteworthy characteristics, problems and garden uses.  There are additional photographs and even commentary on some of the plants.  While it doesn’t list every plant, tree and shrub, 6800 is a whole lot!

Happy hunting!!


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