Wind damaged trees

Mon. Aug. 8, 2016

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On a recent trip around Lake Superior, it was shocking to note the amount of wind damaged trees along the north shore of Duluth.  Many of those folks were out assessing damage.  We even rode by one tree laying over a downed power line.

wind damaged tree on power line

Remember to always check for power lines and also into the canopy of trees.  It’s amazing how many broken limbs are caught up in the tree and an owner might not realize it.  Safety First!

tree on powerline

Recognizing hazardous defects in trees – Click on the link to show more pictures and explanations of the hazards to look for including:

tree with hazardSometimes it’s pretty easy to decide what to do with your damaged tree, especially if it already had some other issues or it’s a large tree whose roots are completely lifted out of the ground…  there’s no hope for that guy!

uprooted treeThe University of MN Extension says smaller trees less than 25’ tall may be salvageable. Uprooted trees should be straightened, replanted and staked immediately after the storm.  Click on Prediction, Prevention and Treatment from the U of MN for complete information.

Trees with snapped off canopies should be removed.  If there’s more than 50% damage to the canopy, get rid of it.  Use a chainsaw VERY carefully.  If the tree is already leaning and there may be a possibility of further damage to you or a structure, then hire a certified arborist to assess the damage.  Perhaps the tree or trees can be pruned and reshaped.  If that’s the case, be sure to consider your safety, before getting the loppers out.  Prune carefully.  In the old days, we were told to cut flush with the trunk.  Don’t do that!  The recommendation now is to to out about ¼ to ½ an inch, depending on the size of the tree, and then cut at the angle of the branch.  Do NOT cut into the branch collar.

Good cut - bad cut tree pruning

If you have any question about what to do, contact a local certified Arborist!


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