Wrapping up or ramping up

Mon. Dec. 19, 2016

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As some of us wrap up our gift shopping, others are ramping up their efforts as they’ve just started!

Anyone you know?  ;-0


Here’s a thought for the eco-minded – green products.   Not long ago there were only a few places on the internet that offered “green” gifts, but now, there are plenty!

Uncommon Goods and Tree Hugger have lots of options.

Recycled glass tree globe from Uncommon Goods
Recycled glass tree globe from Uncommon Goods

There are also options that include giving back.   With Bambeco, every gift supports 3 projects around the world.  I’ll have links to all of the sites I mention.

Bee gift set from Bambeco
Bee gift set from Bambeco

While browsing for green products as gifts,  Oxfam America offers gifts including goats, cows or materials for a vegetable garden!  Oxfam is an organization that is working to overcome poverty around the world.  They have a list of gifts that actually go to places that are in need, so your gift would be in honor of your loved one.  They offer a multitude of options from planting trees to raising chickens and more.

Give a goat for $50 from Oxfam
Give a goat for $50 from Oxfam

I also found a website called EcoMall, that offers links to numerous Earth Friendly companies from baby products to garden products and more. Please note that I’m not endorsing these companies but offering you places to look!


A company that started in the midwest, Mrs. Meyers may not offer romantic products but, I CAN attest to their cleaning products working, smelling wonderful and not having ammonia, bleach and other harmful ingredients.  Of course, there are always homemade gifts.


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