Year of the Calibrachoa

Fri. Jun. 22, 2018

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Holy Calibrachoa!  I can’t think of a prettier little annual to add to every container, well, most every container, than the calibrachoa, the little sister of the Petunia.  

Calibrachoa ‘Candy Bouquet’ with marigolds

The National Garden Bureau has designated 2018, the Year of the Calibrachoa! Over the course of the last 20-30 years, Calibrachoa came from Brazil to Japan, to Europe and America, and then into your garden.  

It’s definitely the “new kid on the block” and breeders are having a blast creating a multitude of colors! The only place these little darlings aren’t going to thrive is in the shade.  

Calibrachoa requires full sun, at least 6 hours of direct sun each day, more if possible. A well-drained soil, like most potting soils, is fine.  Okay, there are 2 things calibrachoa doesn’t like, shade and clay soil!

There’s an explosion of collections or series names like Superbells®, MiniFamous®, Cabaret®, Callie®, Million Bells®, Cruze®, Aloha Kona, Can-Can®, and more!  Oh you must visit gardenbite dot com to see the latest!  

Calibrachoa ‘Lemon Slice’

The ‘Blue Moon Punch’ Superbell is a stunner that’s deep purple at it’s core blending out to a sweet lavender at it’s tip.  This super producer will trail to 30 inches.

Calibrachoa ‘Blue Moon Punch’

I already introduced you to Can Can ‘Bumble Bee Pink’  – With shades of pink and a yellow star center it looks like a bee!

Calibrachoa ‘Can Can Bumblebee Pink’

 One of my all time favorite calibrachoa is called ‘Candy Bouquet’ , it’s bright magenta accents are counterpointed by rich-toned golden-yellow stars!  It’s one of 6 “Candy Shop” varieties created by Westhoff .  

Calibrachoa Candy Shop ‘Grape Splash’

Cruising the collection of calibrachoa is like being in a candy store!

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