A habanero that won’t set your lips on fire and a tomato called ‘Get Stuffed’

Mon. Jan. 21, 2019

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I’ve been talking about the All America Selection Winners but there are also plenty of new offerings that, while not winning a title, are part of the National Garden Bureaus 2019 list!  There’s a new habanero out there and it may be more palatable to those of us who don’t like our mouths and lips on fire! Habanero ‘Primero Red’ is one of the earliest ripening habanero on the market with a third of the heat of standard habaneros!

Expect huge yields of peppers that are larger than other habaneros. With less heat, gardeners can appreciate their rich flavor in fresh salsa and cooking. The plant also has intermediate resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus. Bonus!  The plant grows to about 18 to 24 inches tall and wide. Plant in full sun.  Link to SeedsNSuch to find the plant

‘Primero Red’

Rule of thumb for planting warm season Peppers and tomatoes in our cooler climates is around Memorial Day, or when the soil reaches at least 60 degrees.

This next plant, a tomato, is something I’ve never seen before but have to share.  It’s a 2019 introduction and it’s hollow. Yes, you heard right, the tomato is like a pepper in that it’s hollow on the inside!  Hence the name…. ‘Tomato Get Stuffed’!   That link takes you to Totallytomato.com 

Tomato ‘get stuffed’ from Totally Tomato

It’s gorgeous with unique striping of golden orange and red.  The fruits average about 5 to 7 oz. and have a delicious classic tomato flavor. For recipes requiring stuffing tomatoes or bell peppers, the National Garden Bureau says this newcomer creates a unique, eye catching presentation. And I agree!

Good yields and it’s tolerant to Powdery Mildew.  There are a couple of discrepancies regarding it’s height but as an indeterminate tomato, I’m going to go with about 5 feet! The flesh is great raw or cooked.

These plants may be a little tougher to find . You won’t likely find them at your local garden center but will have to order them.   You can also find ‘Get Stuffed’ at rareseeds.com

There are lots of recipes for stuffed tomatoes! Here’s a link to just 7 of them!  And this one because the picture looks delicious!