A tough winter into a nearly non-existent Spring meant plant die-off

Mon. Jun. 10, 2019

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There’s no doubt that 2019 gave us brutally cold weather and a nearly non-existent Spring. That’s translated to plenty of plant die-off. In my own yard, I’ve lost 2 burning bushes that had been there for at least a couple of decades.

Burning bush in the center of photo and also on the far left sticking out between two lilacs. (I know, weird planting – not my choice) Summer 2018

They sporadically sported leaves but were mostly naked except for the shoots coming up from the ground. Turns out mine weren’t the only burning bushes that flamed out.

June 1, 2019

I spoke with my local nursery owner who said he heard the same thing from a LOT of his customers.

My niece, who planted a lovely Japanese Willow last Spring lost it.

Japanese willow with sporadic leaf out 5-2019

Newly planted trees and shrubs didn’t have the best chance as their roots are not well established yet. I advised my niece to check with the nursery she purchased from, some are offering discounts on new plants. They aren’t really responsible for the weather, so they didn’t offer a full refund.

As for my other burning bush, I’m going to let one of them be and see if those sprouts will amount to much. Mostly because I’m curious.

Burning bush with sporadic leaf out 6-2019

The major issue with that burning bush was its location. WAY too close to the foundation of my home and the front sidewalk.

burning bush chopped with sprouts 6-2019

I had chopped quite a bit off when I moved in because it was hanging over the sidewalk. I then had busted branches from ice dams.

I’m curious what YOU’VE experienced in the winter/spring of 2019. Send me an email at tkgardenbite@gmail.com or share on my Garden Bite facebook page.

I see plenty of evergreens that are more ever brown.

I will say the yews I have really managed to the cold and very heavy wet snow too.

These yews are on the north side of my home. At some point I’d like to get rid of them!

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