Getting a late start to warm season veggies

Tue. Jun. 11, 2019

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Farmers and gardeners have been in a frenzy trying to get their crops sowed. While farmers have a much bigger challenge, considering their fields have been flooded, home gardeners have had to deal with rain and the cold temperatures we had, which meant a late start to our peppers and tomatoes. I just received tomato plants I ordered online, last week. It was a joy to be able to plant last weekend in between graduation parties!

Tomatoes ‘Midnight Snack’, 4th of July, Umamin, Chef’s choice orange…. finally!

With the late start, we may have more green tomatoes. 

While plenty of predictions abound, the one thing we don’t want is above average rain and storms. Unfortunately the southern parts of our country have seen that and there might be the opportunity for our Upper Midwest gardens. I would suggest considering investing in hoop nets or making your own. The link gives instructions on how to make your own with rebar, pvc and netting.

From Rainer Life, you can place a white netting over the hoops for more temperature protection.
Peppers on the porch!

There are a couple of reasons for netting, one is to keep pests from your vegetables, in particular cabbage, broccoli, squash and other vining veggies.

Zucchini and an old child bedspring

The other is, if it does get cold, you can cover your tomatoes and peppers. Now that DOES mean you have to consider the height your tomatoes can reach and create the hoop accordingly OR you can choose to cover them individually, just be sure to secure them into the ground or they’ll be swept away with the wind.

I also got some container plantings done!

In my homemade burlap container