Annuals for Fall

Wed. Sep. 2, 2020

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As I mentioned yesterday, I stopped at my local nursery for some annuals as Fall approaches. The temperatures were pretty warm but they’ll cool off and many of the annuals I bought this Spring were looking pretty bedraggled. I picked up a couple of mums. Which by the way were in the wrong bin. I thought I was buying yellow when I got them home the tags said purple. Oh well.

Yellow would look prettier but purple will do!

There’s celosia on the left and toffee twist grass on the right.

So speaking of those annual fall flowers, one of my favorites is osteospermum. This flower is also known as the African Daisy.   Breeders continue to create scads of lovely colors in shades of purple, yellow, orange, white, pink and blue and varying petal shapes to make them even more enticing. A new one for 2020 is called ‘Bright Lights’. It’s a beautiful red, which I’ve not seen before! 

‘Bright Lights’

Don’t be alarmed if you come out in the evening and the petals have pulled in, they’ll reopen in the morning. They’re about 10 inches tall and just bloom and bloom!

Osteospermum ‘blue eyed beauty’ by Flintwood Farms

They can be the showcase to your trailing plants like calibrachoa, the mini petunia also called Superbells. Bacopa is another great trailer that prefers things a little wetter.

Superbells aka calibrochoa ‘Lemon slice’ with coleus
Bacopa in my container

 Lantana is a native of the tropical Americas and Africa. The flower clusters come in many colors including several in one cluster. Lantana is easy to grow and truly looks happy anywhere!

lantana in burlap container
Lantana ‘Hot blooded’ by monrovia

Don’t forget flowering kale too!

annual mums, flowering cabbage, kale