Meet the Kiwiberry

Thu. Sep. 3, 2020

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I was just introduced to the kiwiberry by the University of Minnesota extension. Kiwis? In the cold north? YUP! So we don’t have the typical kiwi with it’s fuzzy outside, what our cool zones can grow is, as the name implies, more like a berry, it’s more grape sized and sweeter!

 The skin of kiwiberries is thin and smooth, there’s no need to peel before popping…into your mouth…


There are 2 species that can be grown in our climate zones, Actinidia kolomikta and Actinidia arguta.

The vines themselves are quite attractive. Their vigorous growth habit makes the vine perfect for growing on trellises, arbors, patio overheads, fences or walls. Here is information on Invasive potential

According to the Extension, it’s only in the last few decades that people have begun to value the fruit. Most kiwifruit plants are either male or female: the males supply the pollen and the females produce the berries. Not surprising, you need one of each to get those taste berries.

kiwiberry vine from

On a larger scale, you would plant one male vine for each 6 to 8 female vines. There are three varieties available commercially right now. Click on the above link for more information

From the U of MN

Plant vines where they will be shaded from afternoon sun and winter sun, such as north or east of a treeline or building structure. They’ll need something sturdy to grow on! 

There is much more research underway to grow this little edible kiwiberry here in our northern states!