Earth Day

Fri. Apr. 20, 2018

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Earth day is Sunday and I was thinking about all the things we celebrate; Presidents birthdays, St. Patricks day, April Fools day, Halloween.  What a great idea it was to set aside a day to celebrate our incredibly beautiful planet!

Van Gogh said “if you truly love nature you’ll see beauty everywhere”.  It’s true, even the weeds can be pretty amazing, growing out of pavement. You can’t see an ounce of soil but those weeds don’t give up, life doesn’t give up!

petunia in pavement (sounds like a poem)

I know I’m getting a bit philosophical but I just so appreciate the life that lives in our soil and allows us to grow our own food.

Vegetable lentil soup

The trees that offer us shelter, warmth and some really tasty maple syrup, as well as a myriad of mouthwatering fruits and nuts!

‘Madison’ dwarf

The flowers that bring a delightful scent to our gardens while also attracting beneficial bugs to help our veggie gardens produce.

The increased awareness of taking care of our planet Earth keeps us active in more physical pursuits as well.  Gardening is a great physical activity as well as a release for the mind.  I get peaceful when I’m out there digging around.  It lifts my spirits after a long, cold winter.  And 2018 has lasted forever!

Raised vegetable bed 4-15-18 (where the bedspring is)

I wonder if our ancestors thought much about the body, mind, spirit connection when they were gardening.  They most likely didn’t have time to, but I’ll bet they felt it.

Speaking of that, one of my listeners, Russ Colson, sent me a book he’s written called “The Little Book of Gardening”.  It’s one ordinary man’s spiritual journey in rural gardening and landscaping. He shares some creative ideas for some lovely spaces. Learn more here:  Russ Colson