Small space vegetables

Thu. Apr. 19, 2018

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Sweet, delicious and adorable!  That could describe a lot of things but on Garden Bite, it’s a description of a perfect little pepper for your patio.  I’m talking small space vegetables today!  Keep in mind… Container plants need more water simply because their roots are “contained” and can’t reach out for more, but don’t overwater or your plant will get root rot.   Use a good soil mix – check Creekside Soils.

‘Jungle Parrot’ pepper is an adorable, sweet red pepper about 2 by 2 ½ inches.  Great yield and  perfect for large patio tubs. Eat it fresh from the vine or stuff it.  For full flavor wait for a deep red color which will be about 75 days.  This is a warm season vegetable so be sure to plant when we have some!!  I mentioned ‘Ya Ya’ carrots on Monday, this is another small space veggie due to it’s root, which is the Yaya yummy part, grows just 6 inches.

Pepper ‘Jungle Parrot’

Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ seeds can be started outside right now.  By the time we are sitting out on our porches, you’ll have a colorful planter of delicious, “good for you” salad fixings!  ‘Bright Lights’ is an All America Selection that you can pick up till winter…

Swiss chard ‘Bright Lights’

And another plant…  the EGGplant.  Don’t ho hum this one yet.  ‘Patio Baby’, The compact 16-20″ plants are clustered with egg-shaped, 2-3″ purple-black fruit. These mini fruits are best baked, roasted, or sautéed.  Never eat raw.  It thrives in any climate and there’s no staking required.

Eggplant ‘Patio Baby’

Don’t forget tomato plants!  There are plenty of choices but, remember, tomato plants should be planted DEEPLY.  I know this feels like it’s against all the “rules”, it kind of is, but tomatoes will sprout roots all the way up their stems if in the soil.  That will make them stronger and, especially in containers with limited space.  Watering consistently is huge!

Tomatoes:  ‘Sweetheart of the Patio’, ‘Tumbling Tom’, ‘Sweet Baby Girl’, ‘Balcony’ and more….

Tomato ‘Power pops’ in container
sungold and sweet million